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Miniature Horse Characteristics: 

Personality & Temperament:

Miniature Horses make gentle and affectionate companions for individuals of any age or ability. The more love and attention they receive, the more they will give in return. They are very inquisitive and intelligent animals. Many times people refer to miniatures as being aggressive but they are certainly not that. However aggressiveness is a definite reaction when being mistreated / abused.

Uses for miniature horses

Miniature horses are very versatile and can be used in a variety of ways.

  • Miniature Horse showing
  • Driving miniature horses
  • Miniature horses as pets
  • Guide animals for the blind
  • Emotional Support animals
  • Therapy animals

Nutrition and Health Care For The Miniature Horse

Even though miniature horses are small, they are as equally hardy as the standard size horse with regards to the weather. In cold seasons they grow warm, woolly coats to keep them warm, and then shed off to a sleek coat as soon as the weather warms up. Miniatures require a good health care program with regular vaccinations and de-worming, just like a big horse. Besides regular grooming they also require regular hoof and dental care.

The Miniature Horse has a digestive system similar to a large horse. It is important that a regular feeding program be implemented based on the horse's use, age, condition and the time of year.

Feeding at regular times each day is recommended.

General food sources: such as oat hay, lucerne, tef and well maintained pastures provide an excellent source of the required protein, energy and vitamins. In addition, a trace mineral salt block and clean water should be freely available.

Concentrated food sources: for the growing, pregnant or lactating horse, additional concentrated food for energy and protein should be provided in the form of grain or pellet supplements.

By providing a sound nutritional program, your Miniature Horse can be expected to live a long and healthy life.

You can own a miniature horse without the need for big pastures and large barns. You can feed several for the cost of feeding one standard size horse. Miniature horses can provide as much fun and excitement as a standard size horse, but in a much more economical package.
Emotional & Psychological benefits received from working with Miniature Horses

Guiding a young child in properly caring for a Miniature Horse encourages discipline, responsibility and respect. Working with a Miniature Horse builds confidence and self-esteem - important qualities that carry over into adult life. Care and maintenance for these equines can be performed safely by persons of any age, including children under supervision.

Adults will be equally pleased.